18 April 2014

manic pixie

brownie diaries: manic pixiemanic pixiebrownie diaries: manic pixiebrownie diaries: manic pixie brownie diaries: manic pixie
Remember when I said that one of my big responses to stress was to throw money at it? ["it" being the imaginary stress monster breathing over my shoulder, of course]

Well, I'm at it again.  I bought myself a new toy.  And, if I'm being perfectly honest, I really wish it had arrived two days ago - I feel like this graphics tablet would have come in handy in handling yesterday's exposure problems.  As you might be able to tell, I'm just having fun doodling at this point.

Also, I've gotten really into ankle pants lately [and by lately, I mean over the past year].  They're probably not a particularly flattering length, but I don't even care - I like 'em anyway.  The important thing is that they're not too long!  It's a sartorial miracle, especially when I find ones that actually hit me at the ankle.  Take these pants, for example - I compared every size 6 within the Old Navy store to ensure I found the ones that were shortest.  There's a surprising amount of variation in the length of these pants, for the record.  I couldn't find any sort of label declaring certain pairs tall vs. regular vs. petite, but there was a good bit of difference from pair to pair.

Also also, this post title is completely stupid and nonsensical and in no referring to the manic pixie dream girl trope.  Instead, it comes from a combination of the style of my pants, and the ridiculous excitement I was feeling while doodling on these pictures earlier tonight.  I'm just going with it, because who can actually think of good post titles anyway?
Anthropologie Petal Window tee
Old Navy Pixie pants
LC Lauren Conrad heels, from Kohl's
Kate Spade bow ring
Jewelmint faux pearl ring
ELLE Clara crossbody bag, from Kohl's [smaller version, and in floral]

17 April 2014

nonsense on thursday

Ready for a completely weird, random post?
Okay good.

I re-read Baby Proof the other day, and my attention happened to catch on this throwaway line about how facial symmetry is often found to be attractive - not anything I haven't read/heard before, of course, but this time it stuck around in my brain for a bit.

And then, because I have entirely too much time and too much curiosity on my hands, I decided to do a little photographic experiment.

I snapped a couple of very basic pictures of my face, and then flipped the different parts and reflected things such that I ended up with a few mirror images.  There was a lot of terrible Photoshopping involved, as my face wasn't evenly exposed in the original pictures and I attempted to correct for it.  The right side of my face came out horribly - as a whole it was darker, except for that little strip down the middle where the exposure started to lighten up again.  And no matter how much I played around with it, I could not get the light strip to fade.

Anyway...all of that is to say, the right side composites look ghastly.  The left side turned out better, because it was more evenly lit.  And the overall effect of the whole experiment is...interesting.  I think I still look like myself, but not, all at the same time.  It's also really weird to see myself with two dimples - I think I prefer being lopsided better. :)

16 April 2014

blue crush

blue crush-5blue crush-1blue crush-3blue crush-2
This skirt is a bit of an anomaly in the grand scheme of my wardrobe:

a] I’m not usually big into maxi anything.  I tend to admire long skirts and dresses from afar, but I fall prey to “short girl syndrome” wherein I doubt how well they would work on my person.  I know I’m more or less average height, but it’s still difficult to find maxi-length items that aren’t so long that I constantly trip over the hem.  Hence, platform wedges.

b] It’s pleated.  I generally stay away from items pleated in such a manner because I don’t find them particularly flattering on my hips, but this pretty color really drew me in.

c] It has that awkward mini skirt length lining under a long sheer outer layer.  I hate this “trend” with a passion.  I have every intention of buying some similarly colored fabric and constructing a longer lining, but in the meantime I just added on a long, nude slip over top of the mini skirt part.  It makes me look a bit naked underneath, I think, since all you’re seeing is flesh-colored something under sheer fabric, but it also covers up the awkwardness of the mini liner, so overall I’m satisfied.

Windy days are not the best days to wear long skirts, as you’re constantly grappling with all the fabric blowing about your legs as you walk, but they can also make for some pretty motion in pictures.
Simply Vera Vera Wang earrings, from Kohl’s
MIA Garter wedges [similar-ish]

15 April 2014

a tip for the French R

French lessons, round 2.
Or maybe 1.5?  I mean, it's not really a full-fledged lesson on anything - just a little tip on figuring out that wacky French R sound.
Anyway, I hope that's helpful.  All credit goes to Stef at the Centre International d'Antibes for teaching me in the first place; her instruction really helped improve my accent.

13 April 2014

springtime is dog time

There's just something about the arrival of spring that works well with expanding the furrier side of our family, I guess.

Happy "anniversary", Ruby - even though you and your nervous little dog bladder have wreaked havoc on our hardwood floors, we love you anyway.

11 April 2014

let's talk blog platforms

blog talk: blogging platforms
Where did you choose to start your blog?

When I decided to dip my toe into blogging three years ago, in preparation for my big summer studying in France, I spent A LOT of time reading about different sites to create a blog and all that goes along with it; I ultimately ended up creating accounts for both Blogger and Wordpress to test the waters and decide which platform I liked best through actual hands-on experimentation.  For about a month or so, I alternated creating posts on each platform, and then importing said posts so that they’d be present on each site.  Ultimately, obviously, I decided to stick with Blogger – I think Wordpress has a better dashboard, but I preferred Blogger’s increased ability to customize and personalize.

Now I’m considering jumping ship to Squarespace.

I signed up for a free trial a couple weeks back, and I have to say, I really love the user interface.  There’s still a lot that confuses me about the platform, and a lot I’m still trying to figure out, but overall I do greatly like Squarespace.  It makes me really question if I want to stay on Blogger, and if I feel committed enough to actually pay to run this blog.  I’m experiencing this particularly strong bored phase at the moment, that has me questioning a large number of things currently happening.  This interest in changing blogging platforms is likely stemming from the same itchy place that’s spurring on thoughts of a big name change, a better handle on what I do here.  I like change, and basically I’m feeling like I need a bit more of it in my life at this point.  A fresh start of some sort, I guess.

And now I return to the question that I posed at the beginning of this post:

Where do you blog? 
Why did you pick that particular platform? 
Are you happy there?

Tell me your story in the comments, please?  I’m curious to hear what your experience has been.